Welcome to Cahokia Creatives!

From wire to clay to graphite, take a peek at some examples of our creations. Then contact Cahokia Creatives and let us know what you're interested in having us create for you!

Wild Wire

Made of heavy duty bailing wire, these amazing creatures are bent into anatomically correct masterpieces 12-18 inches high. Mounted to Rocky Mountain shale, barnwood or granite, you can find these in Whitefish, Montana's General Store, at street fairs near Hesperia, or better yet, contact Cahokia Creative to see what he's working on. Each one is unique and for $450-$600, can be custom ordered.

Cookie Jars

Who says cookie jars have to be boring? We have been known to use ours for cookies, spare change, dog treats, keys, or get one custom made by contacting Cahokia Creatives.


Pet Portraits

You have a dog you love, a horse, cat, chicken? For $50-60 (depends on the details) you can have a ceramic version of your very own favorite family member. Send Cahokia Creatives a photo of your pet and we'll take it from there. Contact...